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Archaeology Stories - Overview
    Stories - Landscape
    Stories - Cultural Timeline
        Stories - Cultures - Eastern Archaic
        Stories - Cultures - Euro-American
        Stories - Cultures - Mississippian
        Stories - Cultures - Paleo-Indian
        Stories - Cultural Timeline - Woodland
    Stories - Windows to the Past

Northern Headwaters Region
    Overview of Environment and Archaeology
    Geography (map)
    Mapping the Northern Headwaters
    Topography and Environment
    Precontact Archaeology (site map)
    Historic Archaeology (site map)

Sites and Their Stories
Native Heritage (Precontact)  (site map)
    Itasca Bison Kill Site  (Featured Site)    (images)
    Ogema Geshik Point Site  (Featured Site)    (images)
    Third River Bridge West Site     (images)
    Knutson Dam     (images)
    Williams Narrows     (images)
    Pamida Burial Salvage Project     (images)

    Midway Site     (images)
    Necktie River     (images)
    Diamond Point Park     (images)
    Battle Point     (images)
    Nushka Lake     (images)
    Cass Lake 1     (images)
    LaSalle Creek     (images)
    White Oak Point     (images)
Historic Sites (Postcontact)  (site map)
    Buena Vista Town Site     (images)
    Old Agency     (images)
    Five Mile Point     (images)
    Horseshoe Bay Site     (images)

Red Wing Locality
    Overview of Environment and Archaeology
    Geography (map)
    Topography and Environment
    Precontact Cultures 
    Precontact Sites  (site map)
        earthen mounds
        stone cairns
    Historic Archaeology (site map)

Sites and Their Stories
Native Heritage (Precontact)  (site map)
    Bryan  (Featured Site)    (images)
    Silvernale     (images)
    Red Wing Archaeological Preserve (Energy Park) (Featured Site)    (images)
    Adams     (images)
    Burnside School     (images)
    Bartron     (images)
    Mero (Featured Site)    (images)
Historic Sites (Postcontact)  (site map)
    Hamline University (Featured Site)    (images)

Twin Cities Metro Area
    Geography (map)
    Topography and Environment
    Precontact Archaeology (site map)
    Historic Archaeology (site map)

Sites and Their Stories
Native Heritage (Precontact)  (site map)
    Rice Creek Area Drainage Basin     (images)
    Howard Lake     (images)
    21AN106  (Featured Site)    (images)
    Cross Bison Kill     (images)
    Red Rock     (images)
    Indian Mounds Park     (images)
    Carver's Cave    
    Harvey Rock Shelter    
    Spring Lake Area     (images)
Historic Sites (Postcontact)  (site map)
    Bridgehead (Federal Reserve Bank) (Featured Site)    (images)
    Federal Courthouse (Featured Site)    (images)
    Washington Street Residential District     (images)
    Old Mendota (Sibley House)     (images)
    Old Fort Snelling     (images)
    Gideon Pond House     (images)
    Miller Brothers General Store     (images)
    Gibbs Farm Dugout     (images)
    Grey Cloud Townsite     (images)

Minnesota Archaeological Sources

Doing Archaeology in Minnesota
        Cultural Resource Management (CRM)
    Legal Restrictions
    Who Does Archaeology in Minnesota?
    Changing Methods and New Tools
         Remote Sensing
         Radiocarbon Dating
         Urban Archaeology

    Searchable Bibliography of Archaeological References:
Regional Bibliography for the Northern Headwaters Region, Twin Cities Metro Area and Red Wing Locality.

    Searchable Bibliography of Environmental References:
Environmental Bibliography of Minnesota covering Biology, Geology, Geomorphology, Maps, Paleoecology, and Quaternary history.

Twin Cities Metro Area:
    Archaeology of the Central Minneapolis Riverfront, by Scott F. Anfinson
        Part 1: Historical Overview and Archaeological Potentials   (images)
        Part 2: Archaeological Explorations and Intrepretive Potentials   (images)

    Twin Cities Sanitation History, by Sigrid Arnott

    Carvers Cave: An Enduring Landmark on the Upper Mississippi River by Alan R. Woolworth and Nancy L. Woolworth

Northern Headwaters Region:
    Outta the Woods and Onto the Mills: Shifting Timber-Harvest Strategies on Minnesota's Early Lumbering Frontiers, by Douglas A. Birk

Red Wing Locality:
    The Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to Settlement Pattern Analysis at the Red Wing Locality by Clark A. Dobbs

    A Pilot Study of High Precision Radiocarbon Dating at the Red Wing Locality by Clark A. Dobbs

    The Mississippian Presence in the Red Wing Area, Minnesota by Guy E. Gibbon and Clark A. Dobbs

    The Diamond Bluff Site Complex and Cahokia Influence in the Red Wing Locality by Roland L. Rodell

    A Brief History Of Archaeology In Minnesota, by Clark A. Dobbs

    Henry Lewis Image Archive



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