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The Indian Mounds Park Site         
Site Number(s):   21RA10  
County:   Ramsey, MN  
City Township:   St. Paul  
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On the high bluff above and somewhat to the east of Carver's Cave stood a group of 18 tall mounds. As early as 1862 a public park was proposed for the site, which commands a sweeping view of the Mississippi Valley to the southeast.


Some of the mounds were leveled to make way for streets and to improve the view, but six of the largest were preserved, and there they remain today. They had, however, attracted the curiosity of St. Paul settlers, and until the early 1900s they were repeatedly "explored," looted, and vandalized.

Indian Mounds Park photo
Indian Mounds Park, St. Paul, courtesy Minnesota Historical Society


Another group of 19 smaller mounds that stood along the bluff directly above Carver's Cave and somewhat to the north and west of the present park was completely destroyed.

Indian Mounds Park Map
Indian Mounds Park Site (21RA10) showing modern features, 1981 testing and original mound locations.


Archaeology in 1981
Archaeologists working in 1981

In 1981 a modern survey and some testing of the site (21RA10) was conducted by Minnesota Historical Society archaeologists in anticipation of park improvements. The location of mounds was mapped and it was determined that a few relatively undisturbed areas remain in the park despite extensive cutting and filling. Occasional traces of early Indian occupancy were found, but dating was impossible.




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