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Table of Contents

  • Intro
  • Sources
  • Historical Background
    Environmental History
    Cultural Histiry
  • Archaeological Site Inventory
    • Introduction
    • Bassett's Creek Area
    • Gateway
      • GW-1. A. Lee Sash and Door
      • GW-2. Great Northern Depot
      • GW-3. John Stevens House Site
      • GW-4. Union Depot
      • GW-5. American Railway Express Depot
      • GW-6. Gateway Residential Complex

    • West Side Mill District
      • WM-1. Elliot Feed Warehouse, 306 S. 1st St. (1905 - 1917/ca.1930)
      • WM-2. Occidental Mill, 400-404 S. 1st St. (1883-1920)
      • WM-3. Columbia Mill, 406-416 S. 1st St. (1882-1941)
      • WM-4. Bassett Sawmill, 418-430 S. 1st St. (1870-1897)
      • WM-5. New City Waterworks, 500-502 S. 1st St. (1883-ca.1931)
      • WM-6. Old City Waterworks, 504-506 S. 1st St. (1866-ca.1931)
      • WM-7. West Side Power Canal, Gatehouse, and Tailraces, From S. 2nd St.
      • WM-8. Peoples Mill, 512-514 S. 1st St. (1867-1879)
      • WM-9. Arctic/St. Anthony Mill, 516-520 S. 1st St. (1866-1919)
      • WM-10. Union Mill, 522-524 S. 1st St. (1863-ca. 1919/29)
      • WM-11. Holly Mill, 526 S. 1st St. (1867-ca.1919)
      • WM-12. Cataract Mill, 528-530 S. 1st St. (1859-1928)
      • WM-13. Minneapolis Eastern Engine House, 108 4th Ave. S.
      • WM-14. Pray Manufacturing, 401-425 S. 1st St., 101-111 4th Ave. S.,
      • WM-15. Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad Depot, 402 S. 2nd St.
      • WM-16. Falls Hotel, 416 S. 2nd St. (1869-1909)
      • WM-17. City Hotel, 418 S. 2nd St. (ca.1872-1903)
      • WM-18. Variety Iron Works/Eagle Iron Works, 120-128 5th Ave. S, 420 S.
      • WM-19. Minnesota Iron Works, 501-507 S. 1st St., 101-109 5th Ave. S.
      • WM-20. Minneapolis Boiler Works, 123-127 5th Ave. S. (ca. 1878 -
      • WM-21. Phoenix Iron Works, 129 5th Ave. S. (ca.1881-1985)
      • WM-22. Model Mill, 525-527 S. 1st St. (1863-1967)
      • WM-24. Minneapolis Eastern Railroad Trestle, Along the river from just
      • WM-25. Clapp Woolen Mill/Empire Mill-Pillsbury B Elevator, 600-604 S. 1st
      • WM-26. Minneapolis Mill, 606-610 S. 1st St. (1865-1931)
      • WM-27. Alaska/Pillsbury B Mill, 612-616 S. 1st St. (1866-1931)
      • WM-28. Minneapolis Cotton Mill/Excelsior Mill, 618-620 S. 1st St.
      • WM-29. Minneapolis Paper Mill, 622-626 S. 1st St. (1867-1931)
      • WM-30. Government Grist Mill, 626 S. 1st St. (1823-1866)
      • WM-31. Government Sawmill/City Flour Mill, 630 S. 1st Street
      • WM-32. Northwestern Mill, 628-632 S. 1st St. (1879-1931)
      • WM-33. Pettit Mill/Northwestern Consolidated Elevator B, 700-706 S. 1st
      • WM-34. Zenith Mill, 708-710 S. 1st St. (1871-1931)
      • WM-35. Galaxy Mill, 712-716 S. 1st St. (1874-1931)
      • WM-36. Minneapolis and St. Louis/Minneapolis Western Railroad Trestle and
      • WM-37. Anchor Mill, 606-608 S. 2nd St. (1874-1937)
      • WM-38. Washburn C Mill Complex, 614-620 S. 2nd St.; 615-629 S. 1st St.
      • WM-39. Washburn B Mill, 622-626 S. 2nd St. (1866-1931)
      • WM-40. 1st Washburn A Mill, 703-709 S. 1st St. (1874-1878)
      • WM-41. Guilder Machine Shop, 706 S. 2nd St. (1874-1878)
      • WM-42. Diamond Mill, 708 S. 2nd St. (1874-1878)
      • WM-43. Butler Machine Shop, 710 S. 2nd St. (1867-1878)
      • WM-44. Washburn Power Building/North Star Feed Mill, 710-714 S. 2nd St.
      • WM-45. Palisade Mill, 101 8th Ave. S. (1872-1940)
      • WM-46. Minneapolis and St. Louis Auxiliary Depot, 100 10th Ave. S. (ca.
      • WM-47. Dorsey's Bran Packing House, Just north of the foot of 10th Ave.
      • WM-48. Washburn Barrel Factory, Just south of foot of 10th Ave. S.
      • WM-49. Minneapolis Transfer Railroad Roundhouse, 101 10th Ave. S. (ca.
      • WM-50. Minneapolis Western Railroad Yards (1891- ca. 1900)
      • WM-51. William Garland Residence (1856 - ca. 1870)
      • WM-52. Platform Sawmills (1858-1887)
      • WM-53. Minneapolis Brush Electric Hydro Plant (1882-ca. 1895)
    • Gasworks Bluff
      • GB-1. Minneapolis Western Railroad Enginehouse (1891-1945)
      • GB-2. Union Planing Mill, East Addition (1886-1887)
      • GB-3. Minneapolis Gasworks (1870-1961)
      • GB-4. E.H. Hedderly Residence (1853-ca. 1890)
    • Brewery Flats
      • BF-1. City/Noerenberg Brewery (1870-1903/1910)
      • BF-2. Bohemian Flats (ca. 1865-1931)
      • BF-3. Municipal Levee (1821-1974)
      • BF-4. Minneapolis/Heinrich Brewery (1866-1903)
    • Milwaukee Road
      • MR-1. Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railroad Depot, 320 Washington
      • MR-2. Minnesota Central/Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Depot, 411-417
      • MR-3. Minnesota Central Railway Shops, 601-605 S. 2nd St. (1865-1904)
      • MR-4. Minnesota Central Railway Roundhouse, 711 S. 2nd St.
    • Boom Island
      • BI-1. Beede and Bray Sawmill, Auditors Subdivison 44, Lot 5 south
      • BI-2. Sprague Sawmill, Block 23, Lot 6 (ca.1872-73)
      • BI-3. Minneapolis Strawboard and Paper / B.F. Nelson Paper Company,
      • BI-4. Rollins/Nelson-Tenney A Sawmill, Block 17, Lots 3-4
      • BI-5. Stetson and Clough Brothers / Nelson-Tenney B Sawmill, Block 17,
      • BI-6. Boom Island Railroad Yards, (ca.1900 - ca.1970)
    • Hennepin-Central
      • HC-1. Hennepin - Central Commercial District 1st Ave. NE to Central Ave.
      • HC-2. Winslow House Hotel, Prince St. between Bank St. and Central
      • HC-3. Exposition Building, Prince Street between Bank St. and Central
      • HC-4. St. Anthony Ironworks, 75 SE Main Street (1865-1879)
    • Nicollet Island
      • NI-1. Northern Nicollet Island Residential Area, north end of the
      • NI-2. Central Nicollet Island Commercial District, on either side of
      • NI-3. Island Power Building, East side of Power St., S. Nicollet Island
      • NI-4. Lintges, Conwell and Company Boiler Works, foot of Power St., S.
      • NI-5. J. R. Clark Box Co., Foot of Wilder St., S. Nicollet Island (ca.
      • NI-6. Minneapolis Wagon Co./Union Wagon Co., Wilder St., S. Nicollet
      • NI-7. Stock Food Co. of America/Durkee Atwood Building #2, 40 Wilder
      • NI-8. Durkee-Atwood Building #3, 32 Wilder St., S. Nicollet Island (ca.
      • NI-9. Westphal/City Ice House, west edge of island half a block south of
      • NI-10. Cedar Lake Ice Company, west edge of island one block south of
    • East Side Mill District
      • EM-1. First East Channel Dam, east channel from just above Central Ave.
      • EM-2. Rogers Grist Mill, Eastern riverbank just upstream from Central
      • EM-3. First East Side Platform Sawmills, East channel just above 3rd
      • EM-4. First Salisbury Mattress Factory, SE Main Street at foot of
      • EM-5. Nudd and Knight Eave and Gutter Factory, 110 SE Main St.
      • EM-6. Main Street Manufacturing Complex, 120-122 SE Main St.
      • EM-7. Pillsbury Power Canal and Tailraces, Along SE Main Street from
      • EM-8. Tower Mill, 300 SE Main Street (1872-1891)
      • EM-9. Barnard Brothers Furniture Factory, 308 SE Main St.
      • EM-10. Scott and Morgan Foundry/Ames Building, 314 SE Main Street
      • EM-11. Chalybeate Springs Resort, Along East Side of Mississippi River
      • EM-12. Chute Tunnel, Along SE Main Street from just below 3rd Ave. SE to
      • EM-13. East Side Depot, Just below foot of 6th Ave. SE (ca.
      • EM-14. Jarrett/Tremont House Hotel, 201-203 SE Main St. (1856-1873)
      • EM-15. Phoenix Mill, 101-103 3rd Ave. SE (1875-1956)
      • EM-16. Northwestern Fence Factory, 128-118 2nd Avenue SE
      • EM-17. 1st North Star Ironworks/North Star Flour Mill, 317-319 SE Main
      • EM-18. Andersch Bros. Complex/Pillsbury Warehouse No. 5, 409-417 SE Main
      • EM-19. Spooner's Row, 419-421 SE Main Street (ca.1855-ca.1882)
      • EM-20. East Side Flats, Below river bluffs from the foot of 5th Avenue
      • EM-21. Lower St. Anthony Falls Hydrostation, foot of 8th Ave. SE (1897
      • EM-22. Government Shafthouse, east side upper Hennepin Island
      • EM-23. Mill Hands Boarding House, Upper Hennepin Island
      • EM-24. First Hennepin Island Paper Mill, East side upper Hennepin Island
      • EM-25. Second East Side Platform Sawmills, east channel between foot of
      • EM-26. Minneapolis General Electric Hydro Plant, east channel between
      • EM-27. Pillsbury Power Plant, east channel just below foot of 3rd Ave.
      • EM-28. Broad Tool Factory, east side, middle Hennepin Island
      • EM-29. River/Farmers Mill, east side, Lower Hennepin Island
      • EM-30. Perry Brothers Woodworking Shop, lower Hennepin Island
      • EM-31. Minnesota/Island Mill, east side of lower Hennepin Island
      • EM-32. Moulton Planing Mill, east side of lower Hennepin Island
      • EM-33. Washington/Summit Mill, east side of lower Hennepin Island
      • EM-34. McMillan Tannery, east side of lower Hennepin Island
      • EM-35. Second Hennepin Island Paper Mill \ City
      • EM-36. Farnham and Lovejoy Sawmill, west side of lower Hennepin Island
      • EM-37. Lovejoy Shingle Mill, Cataract Island (1855-1860)
    • Interbank
      • IB-1. Upper/Plymouth Avenue Bridge (1874-1886/1886-1983)
      • IB-2. St. Paul and Pacific RR Bridge (1867/ca.1890/1960)
      • IB-3. First Hennepin Avenue Suspension Bridge (1854 - 1876)
      • IB-4. Second Hennepin Avenue Suspension Bridge (1876 - 1890)
      • IB-5. Hennepin Avenue Steel Arch Bridge (1889 - 1990)
      • IB-6. Hennepin Avenue East Channel Bridges (1853-1869/1878-1973)
      • IB-7. Eastman Tunnel, South end of Nicollet Island to SE edge
      • IB-8. Island Power Tower, East channel under 3rd Avenue bridge
      • IB-9. Farnham and Lovejoy Dam, along west side of upper Hennepin Island
      • IB-10. 10th Ave. S./Lower Bridge, main channel from 10th Ave. S. to 6th
      • IB-11. 1st Lower Dam, main channel from just below foot of 10th Ave. S.
      • IB-12. Minneapolis Western RR Bridge, Main channel from 11th Ave. S.
      • IB-13. 20th Avenue S. Bridge (1857-1859)
      • IB-14. St. Paul and Northern Pacific RR Bridge (1887-1923)
      • IB-15. 1st Washington Ave. Bridge (1884-1965)
  • Historical Figures and Photographs
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  • References Cited
  • Chronology Chart

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