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Nonprofit organizations dealing with archaeology in Minnesota include:

Council for Minnesota Archaeology

This is a professional organization with membership limited to active professional archaeologists who normally work and live in Minnesota. Members must have a post-graduate degree with a specialization in archaeology or the equivalent as demonstrated by field experience and publications. The Council's purpose is "to promote archaeological research and interpretation within the state of Minnesota through 1) stimulation, encouragement and support of scientific archaeological field research, 2) the initiation of responsible action to conserve and preserve archaeological resources, 3) engaging in and supporting others in the interpretation and dissemination of the results of scientific archaeological research, and 4) providing a corporate entity representing the community of scholars who conduct archaeological research within the state of Minnesota." [See link to web site.]

Minnesota Archaeological Society

The MAS "is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and study of archaeological resources by providing opportunities for research, education, and publication. [It is] organized exclusively for scientific and educational purposes."

Minnesota's oldest statewide archaeological organization, MAS was formed in the 1930s. For more than 50 years it has published the Minnesota Archaeologist, which, along with the Historical Society's journal, Minnesota History, has been the principal outlet for information about archaeology in the state. Membership is open to both professional and avocational archaeologists.

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Institute for Minnesota Archaeology

The IMA was organized in 1982. Its threefold mission is "to investigate the past through long-term regional interdisciplinary research programs; to engage and educate the public in the study of the past through participation in hands-on programs; and to promote stewardship of our endangered cultural heritage." See [link to web site]

Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

This is a regional organization which does work in Minnesota as well as elsewhere. Located at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, MVAC "provides education about ancient cultures of the upper Mississippi River Valley to the general public and undergraduate students, conducts research and exploration of archaeological sites and artifacts, preserves archaeological artifacts of ancient cultures which flourished within the upper Mississippi Valley, and provides a regional center to promote understanding of the prior inhabitants of this region." See [link to web site].



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