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The White Oak Point Site         
Site Number(s):   21IC1  
County:   Itasca, MN  
City Township:   Morse Twp.  
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This site is located at White Oak Point on the shores of a large bend of the Mississippi River near the city of Deer River. White Oak Point is an area where the river meanders through an extensive marsh, and it is the only tract of high ground within several miles that is directly accessible from the river.

White Oak Point
The White Oak Point Site looking at the south end.


Archaeological properties at the site span thousands of years and contain ancient earthen mounds and a logging camp.

A large prehistoric habitation area was excavated at the site by University of Minnesota professor Lloyd A. Wilford in 1940, and again in 1954. These excavations and later artifact studies gave archaeologists an index of the Woodland cultural components in the Northern Headwaters Area that has been used in comparison with other sites or deposits.



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