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The Necktie River Site         
Site Number(s):   21HB38  
County:   Hubbard, MN  
City Township:   Farden Twp.  
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Feature units
Excavation at the Necktie River Site

The Necktie River Site is located in Hubbard County a few miles from an ancient canoe portage route between the Necktie River and lakes leading into the Mississippi River.

Excavations in 1994 recovered ceramic sherds, animal bone fragments, and chipping debris from the stone tool-making activities of two Woodland cultures, Blackduck and Wanikan. Fire-cracked rock was also present.


An abundance of Knife River flint flakes were associated with the Blackduck pottery. Knife River flint comes only from ancient stone quarries in North Dakota.

Feature pit
Excavation unit

Its presence in Minnesota indicates that the peoples of the Blackduck Culture had trade networks extending for many hundreds of miles into the Northern Plains.



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