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The Lasalle Creek Site         
Site Number(s):   21HB26  
County:   Hubbard, MN  
City Township:   Fern Twp.  
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This single-component Elk Lake Culture prehistoric site (containing Brainerd Ware ceramics) is located on a small creek just upstream from LaSalle Lake in Hubbard County. Single-component archaeological sites are particularly important in the Northern Headwaters Area, as they often present a distinct picture of what was occurring with a particular group of occupants. Upland sites with more than one cultural component are often more difficult to interpret archaeologically because of the mixing of artifacts within the thin mantle of soil formed since the last glaciers.

Artifacts recovered from the LaSalle Creek site have provided archaeologists with a clearer picture of how the producers of Brainerd Ware ceramics lived, what they ate, and what tools they made. In addition, the date of 3180 years ago obtained from charred residue on the inside of a ceramic sherd at the LaSalle Creek Site is one of the earliest known dates for an Elk Lake Culture occupation in Minnesota.



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