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The Cass Lake 1 Site         
Site Number(s):   21CA352  
County:   Cass, MN  
City Township:   Unorganized Territory  
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This Woodland habitation site is situated on a small terrace above Cass Lake.

Ceramic Residue
Brainerd ceramics with residue
recovered from the Cass Lake 1 Site.

Cass Lake 1 Shovel Test
Locations of shovel tests and archaeological features.

Cass Lake 1 Lithics
Lithics recovered from the Cass Lake 1 Site.

During a survey conducted by the Leech Lake Heritage Sites Program for the Chippewa National Forest, a number of Brainerd horizontally corded ceramic sherds were recovered from the site. These pottery sherds had a burned, black "crust" on the interior. This "crust" was removed for radiocarbon dating and phytolith analysis.

Phytolith showing wild rice
Phytolith showing wild rice from the Cass Lake 1 Site.
Modern wild rice
Modern wild rice grains.

The results showed that the burned material contained the remains of wild rice that was cooked over 1,800 years ago, making it one of the oldest recorded examples of wild rice use in Minnesota.



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