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The Midway Site         
Site Number(s):   21BL37  
County:   Beltrami, MN  
City Township:   Bemidji  
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Points from the Midway site.
Photograph of the three projectile points located during our survey of the Midway Site. They are as follows: (a) a chert triangular point, in Shovel Test 130, 90-100 cmbs; (b) Knife River Flint barbed projectile point, in Shovel Test 102, 10-20 cmbs; (c) Rhyolite expanded stem point, in Shovel Test 2, 60-70 cmbs;

This site was first described by Theodore H. Lewis in 1895. He identified it as "east of the river. . . on low ground between the lakes." The site is situated on the isthmus between Lake Irving and Lake Bemidji.

Even though much of the site has been buried by the construction of roads, railroad tracks, and buildings, surveys conducted in 1997 and 1998 have uncovered the remains of intact prehistoric cultural levels as deep as four feet below the present ground surface.


The City of Bemidji is currently planning to reconstruct the main thoroughfare between the lakes and is taking the location of this site into account during the planning stages of the project.

Trade bead from the Midway Site.
Photograph of rolled copper bead located
in Shovel Test 18 at 40-50 cmbs.

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