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Archaeology Resources/Web Directories

Mississippi River

Minnesota Archaeology/History

Native American





Midwest Regional


Minnesota General


Archaeology Resources/Web Directories

Anthropology in the News (TAMU)

ArchNet - WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology

Archaeology on the Net

Yahoo! Social Science:Anthropology and Archaeology

WebWeaver's North American Archaeology Links

History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers - Archaeology

Links to North American Indian Sites

Archaeology (

Anthropology Resources on the Internet


Lithics - Net


The Ancient World Web

Anthropological Bibliographies & Research Documents

Entangled in the Past: Archaeology on the World Wide Web

ARCHAEOLOGY: AN INTRODUCTION - an electronic companion

Glossary of Archaeological Terms

Internet Archaeology: e-journal for archaeology

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Mississippi River

Mississippi Headwaters Board

Resources for Learning More about the Mississippi River and its Protection

Mississippi River Resources from the Burlington Iowa Public Library

Old Man River - A resource for the Upper Mississippi River

First Encounters - The Contact Period in the Mississippi Valley (UARK)

Additional Upper Mississippi River Web Pages (USGS NAWQA)

Rivers of Life (CGEE)

Ancient Architects of the Mississippi (NPS)

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Minnesota Archaeology/History

Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:By Region:U.S. States:Minnesota:Complete Listing

Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota Territory 1849-1858 (Minnesota Historical Society)

Minnesota Historical Organizations

Northern Minnesota Archaeology and History

Minnesota Prehistory (MSU EMuseum)

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Native American

Minnesota Indian Affairs Council (MIAC)

Yahoo! Regional:U.S. States:Minnesota:Community and Culture:Cultures and Groups:Cultures:Native American Cultures_and_Groups/Cultures/Native_American/

Minnesota Indian Tribes: Reservations, Treaties

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Links to the Past - National Park Service

Archeology and Ethnography (NPS)

EMuseum Archaeology - Minnesota State University Mankato

Hamline University Department of Anthropology

The Minnesota Archaeology Education Network at Hamline University

Center for Anthropology and Cultural Heritage Education at Hamline University

K-12 History on the Internet Resource Guide

The Learning Web at the U.S. Geological Survey

CGEE Center for Global Environment Education (Hamline University)

TIES Technology and Information Educational Services

Lesson Plans and Resources for Social Studies Teachers

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Institute for Minnesota Archaeology

The Archaeological Institute of America

The Society for Historical Archaeology

The Society for American Archaeology

Minnesota Archaeological Society

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Minnesota Office of the State Archaeologist

Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office

Cultural Resource Management - Archnet

Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist

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USGS National Mapping Information

Visualising Paleoclimatological Data (UMN)

GIS in Iowa Archaeology (Iowa OSA)

GIS Research to Digitize Maps of Iowa 1832-1859 Vegetation

National Archaeological Database

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Midwest Regional

Archaeology: Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

Activity Page for Students & Lesson Plans for Teachers

Cultural and Climatic Overviews of the Upper Mississippi Valley (MVAC)

Chipped Stone Projectile Points of Western Wisconsin (MVAC)

La Crosse Area Oneota Studies

Archaeology in the Trempealeau, WI Area

On Line Museum (MVAC)

Upper Midwest Rock Art Research Association

Plains Anthropological Society

Learn About Iowa's Past (Iowa OSA)

Geoarchaeology in Iowa (Iowa OSA)

What is Archaeology (University of South Dakota)

South Dakota Archaeology (University of South Dakota)

Institute of American Indian Studies, University of South Dakota

Cahokia Nounds State Historic Site

Midwestern U. S. 16,000 Years Ago Exhibit (Illinois State Museum)

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CSA Newsletter - Computer Technologies for Archaeologists and Architectural Historians

Oneota Bibliographic Database Project

"the lithics site" a resource for archaeological lithic analysts

Lithics Bibliographies ("the lithics site")

Minnesota - The Indian Tribes of North America by John R. Swanton

Collapse! Why do civilizations fall?

Southwestern Archaeology

Arkansas Archaeological Survey

Archaeological arks in the U.S.

The Future of the Past: Archaeology and Anthropology on the World Wide Web

The Persius Project (Classical Archaeology Digital Library)

Archaeology Magazine

Global land environments since the last interglacial

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Minnesota General

MN Online: Discover Minnesota Web Sites

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