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The Institute for Minnesota Archaeology (IMA) wishes to thank everyone who has assisted with the "From Site to Story" web site project. Without funding and support from the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR) and without the generous cooperation of many individuals and organizations, creating the site would never have been possible. Special thanks go to the Minnesota Historical Society for serving as fiscal agent for the project.

PROJECT STAFF, 1997-1999
Webmaster: Eric Swanson
Managers: Rhoda R. Gilman and Clark A. Dobbs
Administrator: Beth Nodland
Editorial Support: Karolyn E. Smardz

Writing, Research, and Design: Jeff Berry, Douglas Birk, Peg Boden, Morgan Covill. Drew Forsberg, Echo Funk, Rhoda Gilman, Julie Horns, Thomas (Homer) Hruby, Lori Kartman, David Kluth, Rose Kluth, Carey Lindgren, McDonagh Brothers, Howard Mooers, James Myster, Gretchen Nelson, Beth Nodland, Ron Schirmer, Karolyn Smardz, Rebecca Swanson

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of our Advisory Committee: Scott Anfinson, Britta Bloomberg, Joe Day, Mark Dudzik, G. Joseph Hudak, Jim Jones, Kathey Kraemer, Orrin C. Shane, III, and Gerald White.

Special thanks are extended to Jim Jones of the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council, Roland Rodell of the Mississippi Valley Archaeological Center, Christy Caine and Grant Goltz, Lyndon Torstenson of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, Kent Bakken of the University of Minnesota Wilford Laboratory, Char Henn and the staff of the Goodhue County Historical Society, IMA volunteer Paul Mielke, Tom Cinadr of the State Historic Preservation Office, Charles Diesen of the Minnesota Historical Society Collections Department, David Wiggins of the St. Anthony Falls Historic Site, and Andrea LeVasseur of the Chippewa National Forest.

Thanks to the people and organizations that granted permission and contributed materials, including Scott Anfinson, Sigrid Arnott, Douglas Birk, Christy Caine, Kevin Callahan, Robert Clouse, Clark Dobbs, Guy Gibbon, Grant Goltz, Jim Jones, Roland Rodell, Rose and David Kluth, John McCarthy, Howard Mooers, James Stoltman, Nancy and Alan Woolworth, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minnesota Historical Society Press, the Minnesota Archaeological Society, the Ramsey County Historical Society, and the Goodhue County Historical Society.

Webmaster: Eric Swanson
Administrator: Beth Nodland
Staff: Lori Kartman, Douglas Birk

Volunteer Webmaster: Eric Swanson



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