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Welcome to a pioneering research site that will guide you through an exploration of the Upper Mississippi's buried past in Minnesota.

Here you will discover remarkable scientific data, and intriguing stories about the people and times of long ago.

There are two main areas to explore:

THE STORIES begin with overviews of the archaeological research that has been done in three focus areas in Minnesota, and then offers a list of in-depth site reports, vivid graphics, and summaries of important findings. Travel "from site to story" in the Northern Headwaters Region, the Twin Cities Metro Area, and the Red Wing Locality.

THE SOURCES provide two searchable databases including a Searchable Bibliography of Archaeological References inclusive of the three focus areas, and a Searchable Bibliography of Environmental References relative to the areas. Supplementing these sources are selected downloadable documents for those who choose more detailed information.

Also available is a special section called Doing Archaeology in Minnesota that briefly summarizes the practice of archaeology in Minnesota.

Funding for this project approved by the Minnesota Legislature, Minnesota Law 1997, Chapter 216, Sec. 15, Subd. 11(b) as recommended by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR) from the Minnesota Future Resources Fund. The From Site to Story web site was supported in full through a $200,000 appropriation from the Futures Resources Fund through an agreement with the Minnesota Historical Society.



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